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Hey there, 

I'm George Tenev - student,  blogger and web enthusiast .

I've created  Website Setup Kit to help everyone out there who wants to start something new but doesn't know where to begin.

Let's say you have an idea for a new business venture, or want to start your personal blog. The best way to evaluate your idea and get instant feedback is to build some web presence and the FASTEST way to do it is to create a website. You probably think that it's complicated and you need programming skills. Well..not really. It's never been easier and cheaper to start and maintain a website with no coding skills. And it takes less than 30 minuts to actually launch your own website.

If you hire a company to build it for you this would cost you anything from $250 for a simple blog up to the thousands. But if you put some effort you can create anything you want and it will cost you less than $3 a month to run and maintain it. 

Website Setup Kit aims to be the information hub that provides you with everything you need  for this endeavor. Give it a try !




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Email me: george@websitesetupkit.com

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