What are you going to learn here?

An easy to follow, detailed and comprehensible guide for everyone who isn’t tech-savvy and doesn’t know where to start. By the end of this guide, you will know how to set up and manage your website using WordPress. You will be able to add and edit content, create your own logo and use Elementor - the best free page builder out there.

Time To Make Your Website: 30 min

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Let's Get Started !

The digital environment we live in seems to absorb more and more of our everyday lives.

Searching the web is the primary source of information for 93 % of the people who have access to the Internet.

So the decision to create your very first website or blog is probably one of the most important you will ever make.

It’s the best way to promote your small business, boost your career or just express yourself in a new way.

Knowing how to make websites with WordPress is not only a great skill to have under your belt but can provide you with a lifelong income if you do it the right way.

If you already have a good idea how your website will look like and what its purpose will be, please keep on reading.

If you are a complete newbie, I strongly recommend you to check out our article on website planning before you move on.

Making a website might be a slow and tedious process.

That’s why we created this tutorial for people who look for the easiest and most common way to do it. I encourage the learn-by doing approach so I have included several step-by-step videos showing how to get on track quickly.

Why WordPress?

Before you actually start building your new website I want to make clear why I think WordPress is the best option for individuals who don’t have much prior experience in this field.

There are plenty of website online builders and Content Management Systems (CMS) that have emerged over the past years. They make it easy to build websites without any previous experience and knowledge how to code.

Some of them are just simple “drag and drop” web editors and the only thing you need to do is literally use your mouse to insert blocks of text, images, and videos into your website. When you are done you hit “Publish” and that’s it.

I know it sounds extremely easy and it really is. But there is a catch.

These website editors don’t give you the freedom and the diversity that a content management system like WordPress can.

Here are some facts.

WordPress is the most popular and well-known content management system in the world.

Websites such as CNN, TED Talks, TIME Magazine and even NASA use WordPress. It powers more than 27% of all websites across the web. And trust me, that’s a lot !

WebsiteSetupKit.com was built on WordPress and I strongly recommend people with little or no experience to go for it because:

  •  Wordpress is FREE   

You can use WordPress absolutely for free as long as you want

  • WordPress is user-friendly and yet, very powerful

If you’re using email on a daily basis and know how to edit Word documents this means that you are absolutely ready to start using WordPress.

  • WordPress is mobile friendly

Nowadays more and more people use their mobile phones to navigate the web. In future, most of the web traffic will come from mobile devices and that’s obvious if you just look around you.

  • Free Plugins and Themes

There are thousands of free plugins and themes you can choose from. In this tutorial, you will learn how to install and use them.

  • Security

Although no website is 100% safe from hackers, the WordPress team constantly monitors and identifies any possible threat that can inflict its users’ websites and takes security measures by rolling out new updates regularly and providing back-up of all your data.

I know it sounds too good to be true. Well, you better get used to it.

Even though you will learn how to use the WordPress interface, build new pages, install plugins and themes, keep in mind that this is just the tip of the iceberg.

Making your website awesome and getting high traffic will require you to create your own unique content, arrange layouts, choose color schemes and much more...  So, prepare to bring your creative thinking to a whole new level.

I hope you now know why if you want to learn how to set up a website from scratch you better stick to WordPress. But before you actually start using it there are 3 important steps.


                                       STEP  1#: Get a Domain Name & Web Hosting

Before you start creating your amazing website with WordPress you will need two things:

  • Domain Name (yourwebsite.com)

A domain name is basically the name you give to your website. For example websitesetupkit.com

When someone types your domain name in the browser he or she will be directed to your website. It is very important to choose wisely your domain name because this will be your brand.

Later on, you will have to create your own logo for the website and you’re probably going to use your domain name. 

You need to make sure that your domain name is catchy and sticks in mind easily. Here are some tips that will help you pick up the right one.

I also found this amazing video on YouTube

A domain name normally costs around $12 a year but I will show you how to get one for free.

  • Web Hosting

Think of web hosting as the physical storage where your website will be. A web hosting provider is a company that owns the servers where all the files and content of your website will be stored.

Of course, you can use the hard drive on your own computer for this purpose but setting it up is a very complex process and every time you turn your PC off or put it on standby your website will go down.

But there is another reason what it's not a good idea.

Personal computers are not meant to run security software for servers.

This means that if hackers try to attack your website they can do it much more easily. Web hosting providers have specialized in running websites and are not easy targets. They will also optimize your website to load quickly.

What is the difference between web hosting and domain name registration?

Before we move on, I want to explain and make a distinction between the two because it can be really confusing.

Domain name registration is a different thing from the web hosting. You can buy them separately but then you will have to point your domain name to the web hosting servers.

If this is your first website ever, I highly suggest buying the domain name with the hosting together. This will make the process much easier.

If you want to know how exactly domain names and web hosting work I suggest you watch the following video.


We’ve posted a review  on the best web hosting providers on the market. You can choose any of them based on their performance and pricing.

Normally the price for web hosting is $5 - $7 / month.

To note: For the last 6 years, I've used most of the well-known web hosting providers and I’ve seen how their quality and pricing varied over time. The thing with most of them is that when it comes to marketing their products they always make outstanding promises about quality and adequate technical support.

And trust me, sometimes the tech support line is what makes the difference between a good web hosting company and a terrible one.

There are numerous cases when e-commerce website owners lose thousands because they can’t get their issues resolved on time and because of that their websites stay non-functional for days, even weeks.

My recommendation for a web hosting provider is BlueHost.  I’ve been their customer for years and they’ve never disappointed me. They’re affordable and always deliver on their promises.

The queues on their support line are not that long at all, which is always a good sign.

They also provide a fast 1-click-installation for WordPress + FREE domain name and web hosting for $3.95 / month if you follow our DISCOUNT LINK.

So if you decide to use BlueHost as your web hosting, below I describe the process for signing up and getting started. Here are the guidelines:

  1. Go to BlueHost.com and hit theStart Your Website button

   2. Choose a Web Hosting Plan. I recommend the Basic one. If this is your first website you most probably won’t need most of the features the other plans offer.

3. Get your Domain Name. It can be .com or any other type of domain.  If you need help with picking your domain name I suggest you read our domain name guide.

If you already have a domain name just type it in the other form on the right.

You also have the option to skip this step and choose your domain name later.

  4. Fill in your personal details and finalize the package info to complete the process. I recommend going with the 36-month plan because it offers you the best value. Be careful with the add-on options. You probably don’t need them at this point.

                                                    STEP 2#: Install WordPress

BlueHost offers you the option to install WordPress following a very simple installation process.

  1. Go to my.bluehost.com and log into your new hosting account
  2. In the Control Panel find the button which says “Install WordPress” and click it.

3.Type in your domain name. The field after the forward slash “/” can be left blank.

4.Enter your domain name, admin username, and a password for your website.

  Click “Next”. Make sure you check the Terms and Conditions box below.

5.Click on the green installation button

You can also see the steps in the video below

Congratulations!! You’re all done.

Now it’s time to get your hands dirty and actually start building your website.

                                                    STEP 3#: Build Your Website

Go to yourwebsite.com/wp-admin and type in your username and password.

Once you log into your account you will see the Dashboard and the menu on the left-hand-side of your screen.

Now you have an idea how the back end of your website looks like. This is where you add all of your content, manage the settings and control the activities on your website. The back end is not visible to anyone else except you - the administrator.

WordPress Editor vs. Elementor

At this point you need to consider two separate paths to create your website.

One is to build it up by choosing a theme and doing everything manually using the standard WordPress Editor. The other option is to use a page builder such as Elementor.

Below you can find full instructions for both. I suggest you check them out and decide for yourself which method suits you best.

  • WordPress Editor

If you go for the first option I suggest you watch the WordPress Series created by BlueHost.

They provide extensive video lessons that will familiarize you with the WordPress Dashboard and explain how to manage the back end of your new website.

If you decide to create your website using the standard WordPress editor I also highly recommend you to check out the best free themes for 2017

Keep in mind that when you like a theme and install it on WordPress it may not have all the functionalities that you look for. All themes for WordPress are created and uploaded by different developers. This means that some settings you look for may not be present when you switch to another theme.

If you want to master building pages with a specific theme you like I recommend you to look for tutorials on YouTube. For example, if I want to learn how to build a website using my favourite theme - Sydney, I would go to youtube.com and search for “Sydney theme WordPress tutorial”. It’s simple as that !

  •  Elementor

Elementor is a visual drag-and-drop plugin used to create WordPress websites. It lets you design and build pages without typing a single line of HTML or CSS code. It is compatible with all WordPress themes and is completely free of charge.

Elementor is a great tool. Combined with WordPress it’s the easiest and fastest way to build professional looking web pages in no time.To be honest, there is no other page builder that will provide you with the functionality Elementor does for FREE.

In the video tutorial below you will find how to install and use Elementor to create any type of website you want.

I know it's  3h 30m long  but it's totally worth it !! 

It was created by Josh Jackson who is an absolute genius when it comes to web design. He also explains how WordPress works in great detail. I strongly recommend you watch it.

The video also shows how to create your own logo for free, edit images, customize settings, add contact pages and much more.